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Welcome to Microscope Accessories


Welcome to Microscope Accessories .Com where you can find the best selection of equipment for your microscope. Our full line of products include accessories, parts, auxiliary equipment, consumable supplies, and upgrade items. If you need any one of these items, you can find it here: prepared and blank microscope slides, well depression slides, cover slips, immersion oil, slide holder, mechanical stage, stage micrometer, hemocytometer, standard and plan objective, oil immersion objective, eyepieces, Barlow lens, eyepiece reticle for measuring, ring light, fiber optic pipe light, and other illumination equipment, boom stand, bulbs, phase contrast kit, USB digital eyepiece camera, dark field condenser for stereo microscope or high power compound microscope, gemstone jewelry clip, microtome, parts for microscopes, and more. We have a full staff of microscopists who can assist with your specific needs. Be sure to contact us with your requirements so we can work towards finding your best cost and product solution.


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